organicThis company has been organic and completely GMO free since day one!  Ok, the GMO’s are probably still around, however the organic part is completely true.  Ultimately G33k Consulting’s origins are based around several knowledgeable IT guys who wanted some extra cash to buy computer parts without dipping into the “family” money. 

What started out as something to help a few personal and professional contacts out ultimately grew to what it is today.   Each of our founders had been working in the IT industry for quite some time.  Each of them have built their resumes on good support models and solid ethics.  Over time people contacted each of them individually seeking help.  Sometimes it was just advice from someone they knew they could trust.  Other times it was looking for something to be implemented.  The founders of G33k started out providing top level expertise that they gained working in large corporate environments to small to medium sized firms.  This approach really helped bridge some of the challenges the smaller firms needed help with.

Initially G33k recommended VARs, that they had personal experience with, to complete all of the work that needed to be done.  At that time it was like being able to contract an IT Director.  It was someone to be a liaison between your IT needs and upper management or owners.  In some cases G33k still uses this model, in others they have brought the support aspect internal.  As time went on the size of the projects grew as did the demand for support.  The founders had all been using each other for additional help when needed. It only seemed natural to combine their clients and create a brand.  From that point forward G33k Consulting saw their projects grow, as well as the G33k Consulting team.

As it stands today G33k Consulting has years of experience in the IT industry as well as a full portfolio of vendors and subject matter experts that they have partnered with throughout the years. We have a lot of talent in our wheelhouse and are not the type of company that will sell you a Ferrari if all you need is Honda. That same commitment that our founder had to do the best possible work for some friends in need, is the same commitment we put forth as a team to our customers.

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