servicesThe services provided by G33k Consulting are well rounded but ultimately revolve around a network continuity. Most of the customers that come to us are frustrated with the support they have received or are aware that they are not utilizing the full potential of their Information Technology budget.

D Desktop Support is the all encompassing term for the majority of your day to day issues that you run into. We have the ability to easily connect to your machine from our location and take control of the machine to make changes or to troubleshoot a particular issue. For the most part issues can be handled over the phone. Sometimes the culprit is quite simple and can be resolved just by sending a response in email. We are easily reached by phone or email and strive to help you when you need help, not hours or days later.

Every now and then an issue arises that we need to come onsite. These circumstances are few and far between, but come up from time to time. We can get you back up and running efficiently with the least amount of down time to your team.

N Networking can be complicated and depending on your environment can dramatically effect your companies efficiency.  We are well versed in the different technologies used.  Whether you are looking for a simple wireless network, wired LAN network, or a MPLS WAN we can help you reduce the struggles you may have with sharing information across your company. Do you currently have a secure way to access your company files from anywhere?  We can help you implement a VPN, Terminal Services, or Citrix that allows you to access data and internal resources that would have previously required a trip into the office. If you don’t have interconnectivity in between offices or the access you currently have is not as efficient as you would like we can help you redesign your network to meet these needs.  Effectively leveraging networking technology can make your day to day communications and effectiveness be worth every penny you are spending on it.
P Phone is now rolled up into the networking of most Information Technology environments with the adoption of Voice Over IP.  At G33k Consulting we can help you take your expensive phone system and change it from an expensive burden to something that is giving you more value for your monthly spend.  If your VOIP system isn’t working correctly we have the expertise to come in and fine tune it so you are no longer jumping hurdles to communicate.
S Servers can dramatically help or hurt your productivity.  If they aren’t working properly they could impact your entire company.  We know how to overcome any obstacle you may be having and can efficiently and cost effectively help you take your environment to a stable, backed up, and effective strategy. A strategy that allows your company to work on the things that make your business money without shaking your head with frustration. Whether you are using a Windows, Linux, Citrix, or virtualized environment we have the expertise to help you meet your goals.

W Websites can be utilized internally as an intranet or externally as a marketing tool.  You could also be communicating with your clients in a portal scenario.  That type of customer support and interaction could make the difference between a client choosing you or your competitor. Contrary to popular belief this type of service to your client can be very cost effective and more than likely is already feasible with your current spend. We can program if needed or facilitate in setting up a CMS that allows for an average computer user to be able to make changes.  At the end of the day we want your team to be empowered to make changes without needing to call support.  However if you just don’t want to think about it, then we can handle that as well.

closetagOf the 60 billion emails that are sent on a daily basis, 97 percent are considered spam.